Sell-Side Services

Sigma Acquisitions works to build a strategic partnership to achieve maximizing your return on investment.


Sigma Acquisitions provides an objective review of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, history and future. We discuss items that have had an impacted your company in the past, both positively and negatively. Are these impact items only effecting your company? Or are they industry wide? Is technology an issue within your company? Are there environmental concerns you may have? How does your company compare to the competition? These are some of the areas covered. 

Deal Structure:

Based on our in-depth analysis of your company, we evaluate and provide professional deal structuring options. Do you wish to sell 100% of your company? A majority or minority portion? Develop a partnership? Remain with the company post acquisition as an employee or consultant? Sigma Acquisitions knows you have many questions regarding deal structure. We will be their to work with your advisors in guiding you through the process.


Sigma Acquisitions proposes a marketing strategy specifically fitting your company, and then presents your company to qualified buyers. All prospective buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement before your company name and specific location is divulged. Maintaining confidentiality is one of our most important goals in the process.


Sigma Acquisitions strives to achieve results which satisfy both seller and buyer. During the process, we work with the seller’s legal and financial representatives, as well as assist the buyer's due diligence team. From initial contact with a potential buyer, Sigma Acquisitions will partner with a seller and his advisors in all phases of negotiations.


Sigma Acquisitions will supervise the entire process through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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